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The Rules of Competitive Advantage
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Value Acceleration shows companies how to leverage 20th century accomplishments into a 21st century competitive advantage. This book shows where the source of competitive advantage now lies, and how you can achieve it within your company.

The 2018 paperback edition has been released as has a Kindle version.

Value Acceleration is not about tactics, and is not a color-by-numbers "how to" plan. Those tactics never apply to all companies in the same way anyway. Nor is this a "traditional" formulistic business book that repeats and repurposes the same ideas. Rather, Value Acceleration is a direct exposition of the most powerful of human forces: ideas.

Value Acceleration identifies what now empowers competitive advantage, and how to use it to your advantage.

Value Acceleration reveals three central ideas:

  • The crucial need for process management in marketing. The effective management of the total marketing function (not just promotion) is critical. Marketing is the one thing that cannot be outsourced. It must be precisely understood, designed and managed as a process. Find out more.

  • The first comprehensive overarching and hierarchical process model of the entire marketing function. This process model provides the template for your own truly effective marketing process. Find out more.

  • Specific and time-proven principles by which your marketing process is best managed for both effectiveness and efficiency. Find out more.
Value Acceleration has been named the
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The last 50 years have not only demonstrated the effectiveness of process management beyond all doubt, they have given us a rich set of proven process management tools. Coupled together, they have generated an explosion in the value delivered by the enterprise to customers, and as a result, the value of the enterprise itself has grown.

This constant increase in value ... the value "velocity" of the enterprise, if you will, will not cease. The focus in well-managed companies is thus on increasing its value velocity ... or on value acceleration.

By using an appropriate process model of marketing/sales, management will have the ability to apply verified process management tools to marketing/sales, and they will close the last remaining gap in the process management of the enterprise.