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The Rules of Competitive Advantage
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What Experts Say

Your book 'Value Accelaration' is changing our company.

Dave Buckeyne, VP of Regional Marketing
J W Pepper and Son

It is easy to find books on theory and relatively easy to find ones outlining step-by-step procedures. It is very hard to find a book that opens your mind to new paradigms and then illustrates clearly how to apply these for business success… Value Acceleration does just that.

Linda Fosler, VP Marketing & Business Development
VaST Systems

Established marketing processes exist to link marketing and development together around new product development, or marketing and sales around demand generation. This is the first book to outline a comprehensive process model that links the full spectutrum of sales and marketing activity from defining strategic direction, to creating products and selling them.

Crispin Read, CMO

This book gives marketers the rational proven approach to establishing a process for success that they knew had to be out there somewhere! Congratulations.

Tom Lento, President

I think the book is a bold and sensible reframing of marketing as an essential corporate function for competitive advantage.

Steve August, KDA Research

In the age of the internet, email, and the "empowered" generation, those of us who work in the service industry are asked to do more for our clients with much tighter deadlines. Many service oriented employees now approach their daily task as "keeping the clients happy" rather than "doing things right." The rise of electronic media has enabled many to work in conditions that don't allow or even encourage time for thinking. In fact, many - particular those twenty something - rely more on computers than their own objectivity. By utilizing a basic approach that carries through all you do, not only creates efficiencies, but also addresses both the need for client satisfaction while providing the necessary techniques to do the job correctly.

Larry Lanino, Sudler & Hennessey

Very well written making it a quick and informative read. Finally, a real attempt to clarify the fuzziness of marketing.

George Cutler, Varian

The book certainly is a new and different perspective on marketing and one which I fully agree with.

Peter LaPlaca, Ph.D, "Industrial Marketing Management"

Those of you who have spent any time or money on marketing ... will appreciate this insightful hardcover. Mitchell Gooze and Ralph Mroz put together a concise guide that includes real examples and explains how to manage marketing and merge it with [your] sales activity.

Marketing Sherpa

Any company that will take the time to apply the principles taught in this book will see positive results to the top and bottom line.

Adam Wollander, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Crimson Trace