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The Rules of Competitive Advantage
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Table of Contents

Prologue ... A Fable

Part 1: Is Your Company Equipped for Value Acceleration?
1: The Foundation of Value Acceleration
2: The Missing Element
3: Why You Need It

Part 2: Equipping Your Company for Value Acceleration
4: Could You "Manufacture" Customers?
5: Yes You Can

Part 3: How to Manage Your Company for Value Acceleration
6: Managing Your Customer Manufacturing Process
7: Bottlenecks to Increased Value Acceleration
8: How to Discover Your Bottlenecks
9: Eliminating Wasted Effort
10: Getting Better Every Day

Part 4: Putting the Pieces Together
11: Breakthrough Thinking in Sales
12: Getting Products/Services to Market ... Successfully
13: Where Are You on Your Value Acceleration Journey?
14: A Marketing Maturity Model (new in the 2012 paperback and Kindle editions)